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10 Page Interview With Lance Winslow,
author of over 10,000 articles on

Peter Cutforth

Peter Cutforth here, in sunny Brisbane Australia.

If you've ever been frustrated trying to get traffic to your site, I fully know how you feel!

In fact, I reckon "Mad As A Hornet" would be a better description for me!  There seem to be so many resources out there telling you "what to do", but not showing you exactly "How to do it!" 
Know what I mean?
That's why I put this free course together, to help you out by actually showing you How To Do It, as well as what to do.
In this valuable free guide, you get:
- Complete E-book in two parts taking you through all the why's, what's and how's of marketing your site using article syndication
- Screen capture video of how to re-write an article quickly
- A 10 page interview with Lance Winslow, who has published 10,000 articles personally on one of the leading article directories.  The insights you'll receive from Lance are truly amazing~!
- Free up-to-date resources.
- select articles by recognized "insider" article syndication experts
Here's a testimonial from an attendee of one of my tele-classes:

"Wow, what a great call we had today.  Peter's presentation was very informative and useful for anyone wanting another great source to drive traffic.  Peter did a great job and his notes are something everyone needs to get their hands on.

Great job Peter!

Thank you for the resources and the informative presentation."

David Scarborough
EaglesTeam Leader - Product Factory 4.

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Here's what you'll discover inside our free course:
What is article syndication, and how does it work?
How does it compare with other popular forms of online marketing?
Basic points for writing a good article that will get well syndicated across the 'Net
How to find your way around the maze of article submission sites
What NOT to do when syndicating articles
How to determine keyword density, and what is the best density %
The mysteries of Google Page Rank explained and how to check your sites PR and backlinks. Do backlinks and higher PR = more traffic?
How to semi-automate the article submission process
Pitfalls of outsourcing article writing and submission and how to avoid them
What is RSS all about and where does it fit in the picture of syndication?
A brief overview of the potential of multi-media syndication
A list of useful resources I've come across and/or use myself.
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Article marketing or article syndication is one of the BEST ways to get one-way links back to your site which helps to position it better in the SE pages. 
Plus, when you use article marketing, you can also significantly increase traffic coming directly to your site, as visitors read your article on other people’s sites, and then click on your link at the bottom of your article, and thus, end up on your site.  Making this happen more often is part of the science and art of article writing, and effective syndication techniques.
Article syndication is a double benefit marketing method. It increases your websites Page Rank AND gets direct traffic!  This course shows you how.
PLUS, it can be almost completely free to do!
That's right, you can forget tricky Pay Per Click campaigns, or expensive and uncertain e-zine advertising programs.  You'll be an "armed and dangerous" article syndication expert once you get my Article Marketing Made Easy course, and you'll know exactly how to consistently bring new visitors to your website(s) for absolutely no money, if you want to do it all yourself, or just a modest investment spread from month-to-month, if you want to outsource parts of it.
The choice is yours!

Hi Peter,

"Great session! The e-book will be really useful and I'm busy trawling through the links to other resources you gave. Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking forward to the next session."

Sue Kelly
Preston, United Kingdom

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Happy syndication!
Peter Cutforth

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